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A.  Manhasset Storage Cart.  Holds up to 25 concert music stands.  Provides storage and transport for all brands.  Rolls easily on all floor surfaces.  Durable steel construction with black powder coat finish - 43"h x 22"w x 92"long.
Can be used with your own lock to secure stands.
9-61191 ....Suggested List $737.50  Valiant Price

B.  Manhasset Short Storage Cart.  Holds 12 to 13 music stands and is the same high quality as the larger storage cart.  Under 5' long, it fits in tight places!  Durable Black powder coated finish.  Assembles easily.
9-61192 ....Suggested List $516.95  Valiant Price

C. Manhasset Music Lamp.  Fits any Manhasset stand perfectly and looks great.  Provides maximum illumination with ample music clearance.  Designed to shield the audience from glare.  Complete with 40w bulb and 8' cord.
9-61110 ....Suggested List $39.25 Valiant
                         12 or more lamps Valiant
$23.75 ea

D. Manhasset LED Music Stand Lamp
is Adjustable and battery powered with many great features.  Cased in durable black ABS plastic, it has ample clearance for taller scores of music.  This multi-LED Lamp provides glare-free, full-width, audience-shielded illumination, and is attractive and simple to operate.  The lamp head/shade can be pivoted for optimum light coverage.  It is battery operated and delivers a uniform level of light for over 8 hours on a charge (charger included).  Designed and rigorously tested to provide many years of trouble-free service.
9-61105 .      .Suggested List $67.75 Valiant
                           12 or more Lamps Valiant
$38.00 ea

E.  Stand-Outs - Stand Width Extenders
Extends the desk width of a Manhasset Concert Stand to a full 36 inches - enough to hold a 4-page score!  Sold as a pair, easily fitting one on each side of the stand.  Simply extend Stand-Outs left and right as needed.  When not in use, slide Stand-Outs in together to restore the stand's normal width.  Made of durable high-impact plastic; the color and texture matches the black Manhasset stand perfectly.  You'll love this accessory!
9-12191 ....Suggested List $26.95 pr  Valiant
$23.95 pr
                              5 or more pair  Valiant
$18.95 pr

. Universal Stand Lamp. Completely adjustable.
Fits all stands, including folding stands and dance band stands.  6' cord.  (Bulb not included.)
9-61121 ....Suggested List $29.95  Valiant $19.95
                        12 or more lamps  Valiant
$17.95 ea
9-12140  40 W bulb .... List $5.25   Valiant 
$3.95 ea

. Manhasset Stand Wrench.  Made by Manhasset specifically to assemble and tighten all Manhasset stands.  The right tool for the job!  Buy one with your next order and keep it in your instrumental music room.
9-61170 .... Suggested List $15.25   Valiant

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