Valiant Music Supply Site Directory
  • Music Stands
        Manhasset Regal Conductor's Stand
        Manhasset #48 Concert Stand
        Manhasset Orchestral Stand
        Manhasset Voyager Stand
        Manhasset Acoustic Shield
  • Music Stand Accessories
        Manhasset Storage Cart
        Manhasset Music Lamp
        Mighty Bright Sight Reader
        Universal Stand Lamp
        Manhasset Stand Wrench
  • Marker Boards
        Reversible Marker Board
        Wall-mounted Marker Board
        Plain Porcelain Board
  • Music Storage Boxes
        Heavy Duty Music Storage Boxes
        Dust Cover Lids
  • E-Z Choir Risers
        6' E-Z Riser - 3 levels
        6' E-Z Riser - 4 levels
        Side Rails
  • TransFold Choral Risers
        TransFold Choral Risers for Standing Singers
  • Choir Risers
        Tapered Choral Risers
        Straight Choral Risers
             Riser Caddy
             Safety Guard Rail
             Backdrop Draperies & Frames
  • TransFold Portable Stages
        TransFold Portable Stages
             Stage Caddy
             Safety Guard Rail
             Step Units
             Backdrop Draperies & Frames
  • Portable Stages and Risers
        4' Stage and Riser Units
        3' Stage and Seated Riser Units
        Band & Orchestra Riser Sets
        Choral Riser Sets
             Stage Caddy
             Safety Guard Rail
             Step Units
             Backdrop Draperies & Frames
  • Mobile Stages
        4' Mobile Stage Units
        6' Mobile Stage Units
             Safety Guard Rail
             Step Units
             Backdrop Draperies & Frames
  • Choral and Instrumental Music Folios
        Deluxe Leatherette Folios with Pencil Holders
             Band and Orchestra
        Choral Music Folio with Elastic Cords
        3-Ring Choral Music Binder
             Octavo size with ring binder
    10" x 12" folio with Ring Binder
        The BLACK Folder
        The Legacy Folio
              with elastic cords
              with 3-ring binder
        Letter Size Music Folio with Expanding Pockets
        3-ring Music Binder/Table-top Music Stand
        CONN Marching Band Flip-Folio
  • Music Folder Cabinets
        Band & Orchestra Folio Storage
        Choral folio Storage
  • Marching Band Lyres
        Brass Instrument Lyres
        Woodwind Instrument Lyres
        Percussion Instrument Lyres
  • Musician's / Conductor's Chairs
         Music Performance Chair
         Tablet Arm Option
         Dolly, stack to 18
         Dolly, stack to 8
         Upholstered Musicians Chair
         Underseat Bookrack
         Elastic Book Pocket
         Permanent Ganging
         Chair Dolly
         Conductor's Chair - pneumatic
         Conductor's Chair - mechanical
         Conductor's Platform
         Music Room Stool
  • Podiums
        Conductor's Podium
        Scissor-Lift Band Podium
        Marching Band Podiums
  • Instrument Movers
        Mallet Movers
        Chime Stands
        Bass Drum Stand
        Gong Stand
  • Utility Wagons/Equipment Movers
        Mobile Percussion Platform
        Utility Band Wagon
        4-Wheel Wagon Kit
        Cargo Mover
  • Uniform & Robe Movers
        Uniform Mover
        Robe Mover
        Uniform & Hat Mover
        Hat Box (& Miscellaneous) Mover
  • Piano Transporters
        Acoustic Pianos
           Grand Piano Movers
           Mobileer Piano Transporters
           Piano Dollies
       Digital Pianos
           Mobileer Spinet Piano Transporter
           Mobileer Grand Piano Mover
  • Piano Benches
        Solo Size Artist Bench
        Duet Size Deluxe Artist Bench
        Economy Artist Bench
        Wood Seat Benches
  • Grand Piano Covers
        Stock Grand Piano Covers
        Stock Bench Covers
        Custom Grand Piano Covers
  • Upright Piano and Organ Covers
        Stock Upright Piano Covers
        Stock Spinet Covers
        Stock Organ Covers
        Stock Bench Covers
        Custom Upright Piano Covers
  • Piano Lamps
        Grand Piano Lamps
        Upright Piano/Organ Lamps
        Specialty Lamps