E-Z Choir Risers






Storage position:
Compact for easy storage


3" dia x 1¼" wide heavy duty double ball bearing non-marking casters easily rolls through any standard doorway.

Design allows one person set up.

3 Level Riser


Tapered Configuration

Side Rails: #9-62295
Optional side rails can be
attached easily.




The most stable, versatile, and convenient portable choral riser available.  The Mobile E-Z Riser is constructed with all steel square and rectangular tubing to insure strength and durability.  Each unit is solid, with no “wiggling” and attaches easily and securely to other units.  Each unit features a 15-year warranty.  Made in the U.S.A..

A powerful, custom-built, high-speed Finger Lift gas cylinder has been proven through rigorous testing procedures.  Any one person can easily operate the E-Z Riser.

Built-in back rail, factory-installed design allows faster set-up and provides additional safety and security. Riser decks can be easily "reversed" to allow for a variety of configurations.

Featuring black steel frames and legs and charcoal gray carpeting (other carpet colors are available), this all-in-one mobile unit ships completely assembled and stores compactly.

Simply set-up and perform.  You are in total harmony!  NOW THAT’S MUSIC TO YOUR EARS!

4 Level Riser

Straight Configuration


Custom Gas Cylinder:
Two custom-built, high-speed gas cylinders do all the work.  Ease of operation provides a safer work environment.  Factory warranty for 15 years.


Level to level drop in couplings securely connect multiple units to eliminate riser movement when in use.


E-Z Choir Risers
 Part #  Description  Dimensions  Capacity   List     Valiant 
9-62293 6' E-Z Riser - 3 levels 72"W x 53"D x 24"H 12-16 $2,346.00 $1,495.00
9-62294 6' E-Z Riser - 4 levels 78"W x 69"D x  32"H 17-23 $3,026.00 $1,875.00
9-62295 Side Rails - Pair 52"L x 36"H dna





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