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A.- E. Deluxe Leatherette Folios with Pencil Holders
Valiant's most popular folios for singers and instrumentalists.  They look great, hold a lot of music, and will do so for years.  Constructed of attractive, black leatherette glued and double-stitched to heavy, black pressboard.  Featuring elegant brass corners and roomy, expanding bottom pockets.  Designed with a unique and convenient loop for holding a pencil.  Can be imprinted.
A.9-53235 Choral "Letter Size" 9-1/2" x 12", 1-5/16" spine; black.  Fits 8 1/2" x 11" paper 
Qty. 1-24   $12.95 ea.   25-99   $11.85 ea.   100+   $11.40 ea.

B.9-53237 Choral "Letter Size" 9-1/2" x 12", 1-5/16" spine; 7/8" diameter Ring Binder; black   
Qty. 1-24   $15.45 ea.   25-99   $14.15 ea.   100+   $13.65 ea.

C.9-53115 Band & Orchestra  12' x 14"; 1-5/8" spine; black.
Qty. 1-24   $15.65 ea.   25-99   $14.30 ea.   100+   $13.75 ea.

D.  9-53230 Choral 9"x12", 1-5/8" spine; black
Qty. 1-24   $12.00 ea.    25-99   $11.05 ea.   100+   $10.75 ea

E.  9-53171 Band & Orchestra 11-7/8"x14", 1-5/8" spine; black
Qty. 1-24   $14.75 ea.    25-99   $13.60 ea.    100+   $13.15 ea.

              Indicates a Quick-er Ship A-E Item

F.  Choral Music Folio with Elastic Cords
Valiant's lightest vinyl choir folder. Features installed elastic cord that binds 7 octavo size music selections securely in place. Same octavo size, color (black) and durable, easy care construction as our 3-Ring Choral Music Binder, including two diagonal, clear vinyl pockets providing ample additional music storage. Can be imprinted. Size 7 1/2" x 11 1/2" with 1 1/2" spine.
Octavo size folio with Elastic Cords.  
Qty. 1-24   $8.00 ea.   25-99   $7.30 ea.   100+   $7.05 ea.


G. 3-Ring Choral Music Binder
An attractive, traditional choral folio for singers who prefer a ring binder.  Available in 2 sizes designed to neatly accommodate either octavo size music (up to 7" x 10 3/4") or letter size
         (8 1/2" x 11") pages. Black, smooth vinyl covering durable board with two diagonal, clear vinyl pockets and a chrome binder mechanism with three 3/4" diameter rings (1" diameter rings on #9-53253). Can be imprinted.
9-53251  7 1/2" x 11 1/2" folio with Ring Binder to fit octavo music.
Qty. 1-24  
$8.75 ea.    25-99   $8.15 ea.    100+   $7.95 ea.
10" x 12" folio with Ring Binder to fit 8 1/2" x 11" pgs.
Qty. 1-24  
$10.95 ea.    25-99   $10.25 ea.    100+   $9.95 ea.



H. The BLACK Folder - Choral Folio with Everything!
All the best choral folio features in one design.  Deluxe leatherette vinyl with expanding pockets and durable, attractive brass corner protectors.  10"w x 12 1/2"h
covers with 1 3/8" spine accommodates both octavo size (7" x 10 3/4") music and letter size (8 1/2" x 11") pages.  Aluminum hinged spine holds 10 elastic cords to retain music and dramatically increases folio life.

Lightweight and with a hand-strap, the Black Folio also has an interior cross strap which supports your music and creates a uniform appearance among your group.  Singers can hold their music better, follow the conductor more easily, and give better performances. Includes a convenient pencil holder. Optional detachable cross strap available.  Can be imprinted.
9-53233   Valiant price  $23.25 ea.

The BLACK Folio Options and Accessories:
GOLD IMPRINTING option     Call for details
3-RING ADAPTER accessory     $3.95



I. The LEGACY Folio
The Legacy Folder is our deluxe folder with an economical price.
All the most popular features:  7 elastic cords (pictured) or optional 3-Ring Binder; two roomy bottom pockets holds
8 1/2" x 11" paper; "invisible" vinyl hand strap allows easy, one-hand use;  interior cloth retention strap; and an interior pencil pocket with FREE mechanical pencil.  Finest padded vinyl construction with brass corners, sturdy, stitch reinforced seams.  Lightweight and compact.  Cover size 9 3/8" x 12 1/2" with a 1 1/4" spine.  Can be imprinted.
9-53291  with elastic cords    Valiant  $16.50
9-53292  with 3-Ring Binder
    Valiant  $16.50



Colors available.  Call for details.

A  9-53235

B  9-53237



D  9-53230                      E  9-53171


Handstraps available.  Also colors.  Call for details.

Elastic Cords


Handstraps available.  Also colors.  Call for details.

9-53251                            9-53253






J. Letter Size Music Folio with Expanding Pockets
Ideal for
8 1/2" x 11" size music, including computer print-outs and photocopies. Durable vinyl construction looks great and keeps your music safe. Size: 9 1/4" x 12". 5/8" spine with pencil pocket and two 3/8" expanding bottom pockets.  Can be imprinted. MINIMUM ORDER = 25 pcs.
Valiant price  $8.95 ea.

K. 3-ring Music Binder/Table-top Music Stand
Convenient and versatile! A 3-ring folio that doubles as a table-top music stand, making it ideal for handbell performances, rehearsals or practice on any instrument where conventional music stands are impractical or in short supply. Great for carrying music printed on 
8 1/2" x 11" paper, especially your own computer generated music notation and photocopies, as well as hand-bell music.  Black vinyl over heavy board with 1 1/2" diameter rings.  Size: 10 1/2" x 11 1/2" with a 2" spine; opens to make a 23" wide music stand "desk".
9-53400                             Valiant price
$22.00 ea.

Folios with Expanding Pockets

Binder/Table-Top Music Stand

L.  CONN Marching Band Flip-Folio
Protects march size music (up to 5 1/2" x 7"
) from the elements.  Connects securely to instrument lyre. Lightweight, with five clear pockets providing 10 windows. Highest quality with long lasting plastic rings.  Holds 10 pieces of march size music. (Lyres are available for all instruments. Call for details.)
9-53185  Suggested List $8.00
Qty. 1-24  
$7.25 ea.    25-99   $6.75 ea.    100+   $5.95 ea.

9-5318W  Replacement Windows.
              Box of 100   List $75.00    Valiant price
9-5318R  Replacement Rings.
              Box of 100   List $62.00      Valiant price


Marching Band Lyres


Valiant Music Supply's folio models are available in Colors.  Call for Details.


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