Valiant Music Supply is committed to providing our valued church and school customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices and delivering our goods and services rapidly.  We gladly work hard to make our customers happy.  We want our customers to order from us again and again and to confidently recommend Valiant Music Supply to their friends and colleagues.

Dear Customers and Friends,

   At Valiant Music Supply, our goal is to provide products that enhance music performance to all the dedicated school and church musicians we serve.  We provide useful and popular items at deep discounts off list price.

   Valiant Music Supply is a business that operates from your point of view.  We know the challenges you face with your school and church music programs.  We are all musicians (or the parents of musicians), ourselves, involved in band, choir and orchestra, piano and guitar, performing with schools, churches and community music organizations.  We teach, perform and study music.  All of the things you do.  So we understand your needs.

   Having served the music community for over 35 years, I know what products offer the best value to you.  So please call us with your needs.  Order now with confidence and take advantage of our high quality and low discount prices - Satisfaction Guaranteed.

            Yours truly,