Mobile Stages




One person can easily roll and set-up Midwest Folding Products' Mobile Stages.  No caddy is needed.  Opening the stage deck automatically lifts the 4” casters off the floor, preventing movement when the stage is in use.  Integral drop-in couplings allow multiple stages to be connected together.

Mobile Stages safely support a uniform load of 200 lbs./sq. ft. and are safety tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories.  All stages ship completely assembled and are constructed of heavy, 16 & 14 gauge steel and laminated plywood core decking for unsurpassed safety and durability.  Mobile stages are designed to provide many years of service and feature a 10 year warranty.  MADE IN THE USA.

Standard Colors:  Black Steel Frame and Legs with choice of Charcoal Gray Carpet (Other Carpet colors are available), Black or Gray Polypropylene Deck, or Hardboard Surface.  Options include Safety Guard Rails, Step Units, Skirting Backdrop Draperies, and Ramps.  Valiant Music Supply can design a stage/riser system with the perfect assortment of attractive and functional options.  Please call for details.
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Hardboard Deck


For added safety, Midwest’s exclusive automatic latch keeps both halves of the stage deck locked vertically until you are ready to open the stage for use.



L x W x H

Carpet Surface

Hardboard Surface

Polypropylene Surface

Part # List Valiant Part #  List Valiant Part #  List Valiant
8' x 4 'x 8" 9-62151C $2,356.00 $1,445.00 9-62151H $2,077.00 $1,275.00 9-62151P $2,282.00 $1,399.00

8' x 4' x 16"

9-62152C $2,477.00 $1,515.00 9-62152H $2,190.00 $1,339.00 9-62152P $2,401.00 $1,469.00
8' x 4' x 24" 9-62153C $2,519.00 $1,545.00 9-62153H $2,231.00 $1,365.00 9-62153P $2,444.00 $1,495.00
8' x 4' x 32" 9-62154C $2,651.00 $1,625.00 9-62154H $2,354.00 $1,445.00 9-62154P $2,576.00 $1,575.00



L x W x H

Carpet Surface

Hardboard Surface

Polypropylene Surface

Part # List Valiant Part #  List Valiant Part #  List Valiant
8' x 6 'x 8" 9-62161C $3,151.00 $1,929.00 9-62161H $2,813.00 $1,725.00 9-62161P $3,053.00 $1,869.00

8' x 6' x 16"

9-62162C $3,309.00 $2,025.00 9-62162H $2,965.00 $1,815.00 9-62162P $3,210.00 $1,965.00
8' x 6' x 24" 9-62163C $3,369.00 $2,065.00 9-62163H $3,022.00 $1,849.00 9-62163P $3,269.00 $1,999.00
8' x 6' x 32" 9-62164C $3,543.00 $2,169.00 9-62164H $3,185.00 $1,949.00 9-62164P $3,444.00 $2,109.00


Deck Surfaces



Black Polypropylene

Gray Polypropylene


Accessories - Please Call for details

Safety Guard Rail

Safety Guard Rail

Recommended for added safety.  Guard Rails include chair stop and knee rail.  Black finish is standard.  Call for details on the perfect complement of Safety Guard Rails for your stages/risers.

Step Unit

Step Units

Available for any stage height.  Steps are surfaced with slip resistant gray polypropylene.  Units clamp securely to any area of the stage perimeter.  Wheels are furnished on two and three step units for easy handling.



Box pleat skirting of fire retardant twill fabric is velcro backed for easy attachment to the stage / riser perimeter.

Backdrop Draperies & Frames

To completely transform your performance / stage area.  Backdrop Draperies are shirred pleat style.  Backdrop frames are height and width adjustable.

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