Choir Risers for Standing Singers


Hardboard Tapered Riser
- 3 Units

Carpeted Tapered Riser
9-62202C - Two units with Safety Guard Rails


MIDWEST RISERS are unsurpassed for strength, stability and flexibility of use.  Each Riser unit is comprised of 2, 3 or 4 individual, 18" deep levels.  This component design allows you to vary the number of levels used to suit the specific needs of each performance and allows for easy set-up and take-down.  Each level locks together front-to-back and side-to-side for perfect stability.  MADE IN THE USA.

All MIDWEST RISERS and STAGES feature heavy-duty ¾" plywood core decking reinforced by a durable steel frame.  Tubular steel legs are braced to support the heaviest loads with complete safety.  Legs fold for compact storage. Units are conveniently stored and transported on optional caddies.

STANDARD COLORS: Black Steel Frame and Legs with choice of Pewter Gray Carpet or Hardboard Surface.  Other carpet colors are available. Options include Safety Guard Rails, Step Units, Skirting, Backdrop Draperies, and Ramps. Valiant Music Supply can design a riser system with the perfect assortment of attractive and functional options.
Please call for details.  Please note: Order Early for your Event!

9-62202 - 4 units


TAPERED CHORAL RISERS for Standing Singers

  Carpet Surface  Hardboard Surface
Levels Capacity* L x W x H Unit # List  Valiant Unit #  List Valiant
2 9-12* 66"x35"x16" 9-62201C $825.00 $519.00 9-62201H $718.00 $449.00
3 12-17* 72"x52"x24" 9-62202C $1,278.00 $795.00 9-62202H $1,111.00 $689.00
4 16-22* 78"x69"x32" 9-62203C $1,788.00 $1,090.00 9-62203H $1,552.00 $949.00

* Capacities include one row of singers standing at floor level.

9-62205 - 3 units

Hardboard Straight Riser

 STRAIGHT CHORAL RISERS for Standing Singers

  Carpet Surface  Hardboard Surface
Levels Capacity* L x W x H Unit # List  Valiant Unit #  List Valiant
2 15-19* 96"x35"x16" 9-62204C $1,167.00 $735.00 9-62204H $944.00 $595.00
3 20-26* 96"x52"x24" 9-62205C $1,780.00 $1,105.00 9-62205H $1,445.00 $895.00
4 25-32* 96"x69"x32" 9-62206C $2,413.00 $1,475.00 9-62206H $1,966.00 $1,199.00

Also available:    Transfold Standing Choral Risers      TransFold Stages and Risers    

Accessories - Call for Details  

Riser Caddy

Riser Caddy
Capacity 24 levels
List $595.00

Valiant $375.00

Safety Guard Rail

Safety Guard Rail

Recommended for added safety.  Guard Rails include chair stop and knee rail.  Black finish is standard. Call for details on the perfect complement of Safety Guard Rails for your stages/risers.



Box pleat skirting of fire retardant twill fabric is Velcro backed for easy attachment to the stage / riser perimeter.

Backdrop Draperies & Frames

To completely transform your performance / stage area.  Backdrop Draperies are shirred pleat style.  Backdrop frames are height and width adjustable.

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