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A. Manhasset #48 Concert Stand.  Used by more schools than all other brands of concert music stands combined.  Completely adjustable with one hand.  A Classic in traditional black.  As low as $34.84 each in cartons of six!
9-61148 ..............Suggested List $81.95  Valiant
 $46.95 ea
9-61148P Carton of 6. List $491.70  Valiant
$255.00 carton
          4 or more cartons of six Valiant
$225.00 each carton
9 or more cartons of six Valiant
$209.00 each carton

B.  Manhasset Regal Conductor's Stand.  The "flag ship" of the Manhasset line provides a stately and distinctive station for directing music.  This double shafted stand has a wide and stable base.  The 32" wide by 15" high desk is capable of holding large scores. The desk is completely adjustable for height and level.  With its built-in accessory ledge and storage compartment (behind the desk), the "Regal" provides optimum convenience and functionality for all conductors.
9-61154 .......Suggested List $199.95  Valiant Price

C. Manhasset Orchestral Stand.  Designed especially for concert orchestras.  Double lip provides convenient storage for bows, rosin, pencil, reeds, valve oil, and more.  The height extension and desk/ledge dimensions are identical to the #48 Concert Stand.
9-61150 ..............Suggested List $92.95  Valiant
 $57.00 ea
9-61150P.Carton of 6. List $557.70  Valiant
$299.00 carton
D.  Manhasset #49 Director's Stand.  Unique double desk construction provides easily accessible music storage safely and neatly concealed from view.
9-61149 .................. Suggested List $110.95  Valiant
9-61149P.Carton of 3. List $332.85  Valiant $189.00 carton

Valiant Music Supply offers "Stand-Outs" stand
width extenders.  Also music stand lights. 
Music Stand Accessories

E.  Manhasset Voyager Stand.  Exclusive Manhasset features designed for touring musicians.  Completely portable with a lever locking mechanism that allows assembly in seconds.  Easily disassembles into just two parts that can be transported or stored in its custom, nylon tote bag (sold separately).
9-61152 Voyager Stand ............ List $102.95  Valiant
9-61152P.Carton of 6. List $617.70  Valiant $345.00 carton
9-61118 Voyager Tote Bag with comfortable shoulder strap
             and room for music & accessories
                                 Suggested List $32.40  Valiant

F.  Manhasset Acoustic Shield. 
The 22" high by 26" wide shield is made of clear, durable Lexan polycarbonate.  Being larger than the desk of a conventional music stand, the shield is designed to effectively provide hearing protection for musicians stationed in front of other musicians, yet not causing impaired vision for, or of, the musician playing behind the shield.

The Manhasset Acoustic Shield extends to a height of 66" and can be used by both standing and seated performers.  Additionally, shields can be easily positioned around percussion sections to reduce the hearing impact on other musicians.  Beyond the benefits of acoustic shielding, this device also functions as a deflector for French horn players, when placed behind the bell.

The shield contracts and folds down to a height of 37" allowing it to be comfortably tucked away behind your chair when not needed.  Also, the shield is equipped with a collapsible tripod base that makes it very portable and easily transported.

The Manhasset Acoustic Shield has a 1 1/2" ledge, so it easily doubles as a fully -functioning music stand for directors or those desiring a larger music desk, yet not wanting to sacrifice visibility.
9-61120 ........Suggested List $168.95  Valiant Price


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