TransFold Choral Risers




Riser Unit
#62218 Riser Unit with
#62220 Back Safety Guard Rail *


TransFold Risers can negotiate stairways, narrow corners, and parking lots to go anywhere your choir performs.  Built-in wheels easily roll the TransFold riser units from practice room to performance area; from backstage to center stage; from van or bus to any concert venue.  TransFold risers are carefully designed to insure compatibility with existing, similarly designed risers, meaning TransFold units can be used alongside and coupled with those units. 

TransFold risers set up in seconds without tools so they will be ready when your choir is.  TransFold’s exclusive, Gas-Spring Assisted design allows the unit to open without strain, using moderate foot pressure.  Gas-Spring Assisted design insures a safe, steady, controlled motion when folding the units for moving and storage.  Shown in QuickShip carpet color Charcoal Gray.  MADE IN THE USA.

*We strongly recommend that the optional Safety Guard Rails be used.

Built-in Mobility
Wheels Allow Easy Positioning

Folding Design
Simple Folding Design
Provides Fast Set Up

Reverse Transfold
#62231 Reverse TransFold Unit

Arc: #62218 - 3 Units

Straight: 2 x #62218; 1 x #62231

Gas-Spring Assist

Gas-Spring Assisted for No-Strain Set Up & Take Down


Drop-in couplings securely connect all units to prevent accidental movement during the performance.

To fold the unit for transportation and compact storage, activate the upright lock release that is conveniently located under the upper level deck and gently push the unit horizontally until it folds flat.


TransFold Choral Risers - for Standing Singers
 Part #  Description  Dimensions  Capacity**   List     Valiant 
9-62213 4' TransFold Unit - 3 levels 48"W x 55"D x 24"H  8-12 $1,335.00 $845.00
9-62214 4th step add-on unit for 9-62213 54"W x 18"D x  32"H add 3-4 $695.00 $439.00
9-62215         Back Safety Guard Rail 
         for 9-62213 or 9-62214
46"W x 42"H  


9-62218 6' TransFold Unit - 3 levels 72"W x 55"D x 24"H 12-16 $1,456.00 $899.00
9-62219 4th step add-on unit for 9-62218 78"W x 18"D x 32"H add 4-5 $723.00 $465.00
9-62220          Back Safety Guard Rail        
Specify A for 9-62218, B for 9-62219
70"W x 42"H   $568.00 $365.00
9-62231 Reverse 6' TransFold unit - 3 levels 72"W x 55"D x 24"H 12-16 $1,456.00 $899.00
9-62232         4th step add-on Reverse Unit
for 9-62231
60"W x 18"D x 32"H add 4-5 $723.00 $465.00
9-62233          Back Safety Guard Rail        
Specify A for 9-62231, B for 9-62232
54"W x 42"H   $556.00 $359.00
9-62223          Side Safety Guard Rail, pair    
for 9-62213 or 9-62218
52"W x 55.5"L   $849.00 $545.00

** Capacities include a row of singers at floor level.  The capacity numbers shown above reflect the number of high school students that will fit standing shoulder to shoulder as well as the number that will fit if standing with shoulders overlapping.


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