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Piano Movers for Acoustic Pianos

A. Grand Piano Movers feature heavy duty steel construction.  Choice of sizes with  adjustable, telescoping frames to fit virtually any size grand piano - from "Baby" grands to concert grands.  Grand Piano Movers are the best solution for use on any type of floor surface and where frequent and/or longer moves are required. Locking, mar-resistant 5" caster wheels provide easy moving.  Color: Black   
9-64542  For Pianos 4'8" to 5'11" long.......List $1100.00 Valiant $585.00
9-64543  For Pianos 6' to 7'6".................. List $1200.00 Valiant $605.00
  For Pianos 7'7" to 8'11"..............List $1400.00 Valiant CALL FOR PRICE
  For Pianos 9'............................List $1800.00  Valiant CALL FOR PRICE

Please provide the length, brand, and model of your piano.  We may also need leg distance measurements to provide the best fitting mover. For Pianos under 4'8" long or over 7'6", CALL for information & prices.




B.  Triple Grand Piano Dollies are an economical improvement for short, infrequent moving on hard, level floors.  Black with Rubber caster wheels.  Not recommended for schools, stages, or pianos over 6' long.
Set of 3. 
Triple Grand Piano Dollies for round feet; 4-1/8" interior diameter; 1.5" deep.                                                                                       List $267.00 Valiant
$240.00 set                         
Triple Grand Piano Dollies for square feet; 3-1/8" interior diameter; 1.75" deep
                                                                                     List $300.00
Valiant $269.00 set

 B   9-64554     B   9-64554S

C. Mobileer Piano Transporters are built to fit vertical pianos of all sizes and models, from Spinets and Consoles to heavy Uprights and Studio pianos.  With "Outrigger" wheels to transfer the piano's weight to the center for optimum stability.  Fully adjustable from 47" to 62" wide and 16" to 29" deep.  Features locking, mar-resistant 3" casters.  Shipped assembled in Black.
9-64556  With Leg Cups for Pianos with separate Front Legs
                    List $920.00 Valiant $519.00
  With Anchoring Spikes for Pianos with Front Legs attached by Toeblocks to the harp cabinet
                  List $980.00  Valiant  $629.00
  With Angle Plates for Pianos without Front Legs
                  List $940.00  Valiant  $599.00

When ordering, please  provide the length, brand and model of your piano.

C   9-64556

C   9-64557

C   9-64558

D.  Piano Dollies slip under each end of an upright style providing economical maneuverability for short, less frequent moving on smooth, level floors.  Non-adjustable depth is 15" with ball-bearing swivels and rubber 2 1/2" wheels raising the piano less than 2" off the floor.
9-64509  Piano Dollies, pair....List $340.00  Valiant  $199.00 pair

D  9-64509


Piano Mover for Digital Pianos

E.  Mobileer Digital "Spinet" Piano Transporter fits digital spinet pianos weighing less than 300 lbs., such as the Yamaha Clavinovas.  Features 4 locking rubber wheels and a 4 1/2" x 11" center lyre support that is fully adjustable forwards, backwards and sideways.   Fits digital pianos 38 1/2" to 62" wide.  Depth is 19 3/4".  Heavy duty steel construction in Black powder coat finish.  Comes assembled. Please provide brand and model when ordering.
9-64547  Digital "Spinet" Piano Transporter
                      List $600.00  Valiant  $399.00


E  9-64547

F.  Digital "Grand" Piano Mover Fully adjustable Digital Grand Piano Dolly designed for pianos with casters. (Casters need to be removed before piano is installed on dolly.)  Features:  Width adjustable from 47" to 68"; Depth adjustable from 15" to 22"; Tubular steel construction; Black powder coat finish; "Double Wheel" rear casters and two single wheel front casters with locks for safety; 9 1/4" x 15" metal center plate to support the pedals.

Please identify the instrument brand and model when placing your order.

9-64541  Digital "Grand Piano" Mover
                      List  $480.00


F  9-64541



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