Upright Piano and Organ Covers





Quilted covers are manufactured of high quality black nylon with a soft, snag-proof  polypropylene backing to provide soft contact with the instrument finish.  They provide the ultimate dust and scratch protection plus padding from mild blows to the instrument.

Mackintosh covers, available in black or brown, are manufactured of cotton drill cloth laminated to a flannel underside for soft contact with the instrument finish. They provide economical dust and scratch protection.

Moisture resistant Vinyl covers are also available in black or brown, with laminated soft, cotton cloth backing.  They are best suited to environments where liquids may endanger the instrument such as church halls, multi-purpose rooms, banquet halls, restaurants, etc.  Call for Vinyl prices.

Upright Piano and Organ covers are available with a custom, vertical slit in the back to facilitate putting the cover on and taking it off.  This option is an additional $12.00.  Please specify when ordering.


Upright Piano Cover

Upright Piano Cover




Quilted - Black

Mackintosh - Black

Mackintosh - Brown

Vinyl - Black

Vinyl - Brown


Stock Upright Piano & Organ Covers

Piano size Quilted# List Valiant Mackintosh# List Valiant
59"W x 26"D x 34"H 9-15602Q $264.00 $195.00 9-15602M* $240.00 $179.00
59"W x 26"D x 39"H 9-15604Q $264.00 $195.00 9-15604M* $240.00 $179.00
59"W x 26"D x 44"H 9-15606Q $264.00 $195.00 9-15606M* $240.00 $179.00
59"W x 26"D x 48"H 9-15608Q $284.00 $213.00 9-15608M* $256.00 $192.00
59"W x 26"D x 52"H 9-15610Q $294.00 $219.00 9-15610M* $266.00 $199.00
59"W x 26"D x 56"H 9-15612Q $304.00 $229.00 9-15612M* $276.00 $205.00
59"W x 26"D x 58"H 9-15614Q $314.00 $235.00 9-15614M* $286.00 $214.00
Spinet Pianos
59"W x 26"D x 34" H 9-15632Q $264.00 $195.00 9-15632M* $242.00 $179.00
39"W x 23"D x 34"H 9-15634Q $234.00 $175.00 9-15634M* $212.00 $159.00
45"W x 26"D x 38"H 9-15636Q $254.00 $189.00 9-15636M* $232.00 $174.00
48"W x 25"D x 35"H 9-15638Q $264.00 $195.00 9-15638M* $232.00 $174.00
Digital Spinet Piano - call for details.
Small organ              42"W x 25"D x 33"H 9-15642Q $312.00 $234.00 9-15642M* $280.00 $209.00
Medium organ           49"W x 27"D x 34"H 9-15644Q $332.00 $249.00 9-15644M* $290.00 $215.00
Medium organ           49"W x 29"D x 39"H 9-15646Q $352.00 $259.00 9-15646M* $300.00 $225.00
Medium organ             50" W x 30"D x 49"H 9-15648Q $362.00 $269.00 9-15648M* $310.00 $232.00
Medium organ          52"W x 32"D x 38"H 9-15650Q $392.00 $289.00 9-15650M* $332.00 $249.00
Medium organ          63"W x 33"D x 49"H 9-15652Q $434.00 $319.00 9-15652M* $372.00 $275.00

* Specify Black or Brown Mackintosh

Special Measuring Instruction for Custom Upright Piano Covers

Covers can be made to fit specific instruments when exact measurements are furnished.   Provide the A - F dimensions shown.  Contact Valiant Music Supply for assistance and prices.


Piano Fallboard Lock

Prevents unauthorized use of your piano.  Easily installed, this keyboard lock will not mar a piano’s exposed finished surfaces. With a 6” opening (and a digital version coming with height adjustment spacers), the lock prohibits opening the fallboard of almost all pianos. Piano Fallboard Lock is virtually invisible when removed to play the piano.

Durable two-piece assembly made of industrial plastic, featuring a high performance pin tumbler lock complete with two keys.  For permanent or temporary installation.

9-16501 Piano Fallboard Lock..........List $106.00      Valiant Price $79.95
9-16501D Digital Keyboard Lock...…List $106.00      Valiant Price $79.95



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